Love, Hugh

by Hugh

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Ivana Baričević
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Ivana Baričević Great job, this is a 10/10 album. Even though I've heard most of the tracks before this album's release, it was like discovering Hugh all over again. The tracks I haven't heard before are amazing! It feels like I've been waiting on this release for ages but it was well worth the wait. I can only look forward to the future releases and hope Hugh get the recognition they deserve. Favorite track: I Can Be Your Light.
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released May 25, 2017

Main Lyrics by Joshua Idehen and Izzy Brooks
Vocals by Joshua Idehen and Izzy Brooks
Backing Vocals by Izzy Brooks
Composition by Andy Highmore, Joshua Idehen and Martin Kolarides
Production/keys by Andy Highmore
Guitars by Martin Kolarides
Mixed by Andy Highmore and Dean Barrett
Mastered by Stuart Hawke for Metropolis Studios.



all rights reserved


Hugh London, UK

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Track Name: This Is How It Starts
Saw you at Mile End Station
Saw you at Tyrone's party
Angel in Autumn's Night
This is how it starts

Living room rave in progress
Holding our own in the corner
Still don't know your name
This is how it starts

Waltzing along to grime
White wine and watered down vodka
Bagful of stolen glances

Said you were a nurse
Said you wanna see the world
Only been as far as Brighton

Went to the garden
To get some air
You were gone by the time I got back
Went down to the cornerstore
To buy a few beers
You were gone by the time I got back.
Track Name: One Of These Days
Back And forth
Back and forth
Gone too far now we're back at the source
There is no
Force on earth
Strong as the bond between both of us
If there's someone that's close
Standing there, close to you
Now's the time, now's the time, now's the time
To pull them in


One of these days
We are gonna happen
Sooner or later
I'll have you
All to myself


Thoughts of you
Thoughts of you
Round the bend with these thoughts of you
All that matters
Here and now
Is this burning hope that these thoughts come true
So don't you dare leave me
Out here on my own
Shuffling through the dirt
Nothing but a hope and a prayer

No, no
Track Name: Go
Can't swim, I touch the sides
Soon sinking
Deep inside
This mirky water that we're in
As I dive down into blue
I wanna be washed up with you,
Submerge me
Let it pull you in
Just gimme the Green Light
Keep making me feel like
Don't need no words to say
If you just stay then i'll know
Just give me the Green Light
Keep making me feel like
Cause if you're wanting me
Then 1,2,3 lets go

You're hands release the dice
I burn up needing ice
Relieve me
Help erase this heat
You got me ticking like a bomb going off
And every inch you give speeds up the clock
Its beating
Wont you rescue me

Time's Ticking
Don't wanna wait
Can't hold it down
Not for much longer
Lord Help me
Take me to church
Profess my thirst
All of this hunger
Track Name: I Can't Figure You Out
In you walk, walk, walk
And the temperature drops
You know
I wouldn't call it love
But it's close enough
You know
And I try to play it cool
All my schemes you see through
You know
You're a dirty pair of shoes
You don't play by the rules
You Know
Yes you know

You know, you know, you know just how I feel

Oh my dynamite heart
the fire to fuse
you know
Everything about you sparks
If they stuck you in the dark
You'd glow
See Im falling from this height
You can catch me if you life
If you chose
And if we go down this road
How far will we go
Who knows
I bet you know

You know, you know, you know just how I feel
Don't touch with me
Careful with my heart

You know you know you know just how I feel
Dont toy with me
I know your game
But I can't figure you out
Track Name: Protect My Heart
Broken the seventh seal
Think you might be the real thing
Blown way out of proportion, oh
Ride on black and brown horses, oh

Got to protect my heart

Get back into your boxes
Like you stepped out of a Jane Austen Novel
Don't do anything stupid
Listen to mother's voice here, child

You've got to protect your heart
You must protect your heart

What a fool I was
What a fool I was
Mistook the look you gave me
For who I imagined you to be

Got To protect your heart
Play it, play it smart
To your chest, hold your cards

You've only ever got one heart
Track Name: Charlie
Charlie, oh Charlie
What have you done with your life
If you can't hack it, don't worry
I got you

Charlie, oh Charlie
You always do what you like
But you can always call me
I got you

A nine to five
You hang your pride
Still waiting for
Your life to start
And if they ask
You how you are
You don't know
Oh, you don't know

Look to your side
Look to your side, mate
That's where you'll fine me
Right by your side

Charlie oh Charlie
What have you done with your life
If you can't hack it don't worry
I got you

Charlie, oh Charlie
You wont believe your eyes
But you can always, call on me
I got you

Track Name: I Don't Like You
I don't like you
You can't stand me
Why are we still together
Girl, thing is long

Slamming down the doors, yeah
the hurricanes always leave a mess

First you uproar
and then you downpour
You need your space, yeah
your nicotine break

And I'm so out of sorts
that my arms are shaking
Everywhere I turn
I can see your face and it breaks me

You're the one who makes me still
you gather me up like a lover will
You're the one who makes me still
You gather up my pieces like a lover still
only a lover will

A tub of haargen daaz
Oh yeah I down that shit in one
Crackling my knuckles and my neck yeah
I'm going to build myself a wall
and it won't be me who buckles tonight
determined not to need you
come the next hour
where will I fall
If its not your arms
Track Name: Take It Slow
We are on the last legs
breathing in our last breath
We don't feel good no more
no we don't feel no good no more
I really wanna make this work
Draw a line underneath that hurt
I'm not saying no
But we got time
Maybe we should take it slow

Step by step
Meet me at the border
if we compromise
I'm sure we'll be fine

This used to be a different song
I used to play it right from my heart
Now I sing smart
frankly I ain't that young no more
Love love, being on stage and thing
but I wanna get paid now no long ting
so you can keep the accolades, bruv
that's you innit
I'm just here for the dough

Brown bags of cash, bruv
meet me down my ends mate
If you meet my terms
I'm sure we'll be fine
Track Name: In And Out Of Love
And we keep keep falling, in and out of love
yeah we keep keep falling, in and out of love
What pulls us together keeps pulling us apart
If it pulls us together keeps pulling us apart, you know
Yeah it shouldn't be so hard, you know

I see your face, in all the right places

In this house is a lonely heart

So come on, don't be a fool
Lord knows I've been a fool for two
Track Name: Look Back In Laughter
You're gonna have to let it pass
I know it hurts but just relax
One day you'll look back in laughter
You'll look back in laughter
You'll look back and laugh

Say ahh
Bubble down the stress
Do it like a porn star
get it off your stress
we bubble down the streets
like we ain't got self respect
Screwface you know we ain't serious
Serious, no long face like Leona
Do or do not no try like Yoda
2013 chage your persona
Keep that lime away from my corona like

I'm on the magic quest
To be the biggest tree in the big ol forest
and Lady Luck's bosom is the one I will caress
The audience, the audience's attention I arrest but

Sometimes things don't go to plan
Life will deal you will a firm backhand
I'm in the pothole spinning my wheels
I really know how it feels to be

Stressed and ting
It all blows up in your face and ting
Failure, bitter like tonic and gin
Don't know how to begin, again

And the missus says stop it
You're unattractive when you're grumpy, drop it
Put your palava behind ye
Trust me, one day
You're gonna look back and laugh
Track Name: Trouble
Slow, subtle
Quiet, struggle
And I know your name
And your name is trouble

Trouble, so

And my head so heavy with you
I try to block you out but what's the use
This foolish heart
It beats for you
That look of yours
I want it all to myself

You're not meant to see me like this
I don't want you to see me like this